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Brackett "WebMaster Twin-Stream Interceptor System" Specifications

Brackett’s “WebMaster Twin-stream Interceptor System” interrupts cut sheet production on your web press at pre-determined counts — single or dual stream. At that instant, WebMaster automatically inserts dividers with 100% accuracy in counts as few as ten. Replaces hand inserting. Press operator requires no assistance.
WebMaster also delays shingled delivery
long enough to allow stack change-out without press slowdown thus eliminating expensive press downtime.


  • Slashes labor costs drastically
  • Reduces press downtime
  • Frees up bindery bottlenecks
  • Dramatically improves turnaround time

Specifications and Performance:

Model #: CO-35E TWINSTREAM Interceptor Conveyor
Interrupt Frequency With Inserter Machine Weight 128 lbs. (58 kg)
Minimum Batch Count 10 Sheets Machine Noise 25 db(A)**
Maximum Batch Count 10,000 Sheets* Drive Motor Variable Speed 1/6HP 90VDC
Interrupt Frequency Without Inserter Controls  Digital PLC-EEPROM
Minimum Batch Count 10 Sheets Display Alphanumeric LCD/BackLit
Maximum Batch Count 10,000 Sheets* Keypad w/Tactile Membrane
*At Press Web Speeds up to 1000 FPM Power 120VAC 50/60 Hz 360VA(Watts)

Note: Batch Counts less than 25 can be achieved at press speeds of between 0-300FPM. !!! Optimum batching/inserting requires a consistent 3/4-1 1/2”min shingled sheet overlap!!!


Model #: DX2100HD-A Dual and/or Single Stream Chipboard Inserter

Chip/Cover Divider Size (WxL) Machine Weight 136 lbs. (62 kg)
Minimum Dual (6x6)” (152x152)mm Machine Noise 35 db(A) Band
Maximum Dual (11x22)” (280x560)mm Frame/Structure Aluminum Plate
Minimum Single (8.5x11)” (216x280)mm !! Drive Motor Variable Speed 1/2HP 90VDC
Maximum Single (20.5x22)” (520x560)mm Two Feed Belts w/ HD Wrap Spring Clutch
Thickness   Min (.012)” 12pt (.003)mm *Separate Controls are provided with the
                Max (.100)” 100pt (.0254)mm TWINSTREAM Interceptor conveyor
!! min for center stream only- gear or operator side min=dual min & max
! ! ! ! ! With Min (1/2)”-(.5)”-(12.7)mm Gap Between Web Streams ! ! ! ! !

With DX2100HD-A
Standard Electrical Includes: 120VAC 50/60Hz 960VA (Watts)


1-800-990-2440 or (785) 256-4114