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Slautterback Solid State KB-30H Glue Extruder / Applicator Melt Unit



Slautterback Solid State KB-30H Glue Applicator Melt Unit

This Slautterback Solid State KB-30H Glue Applicator Melt Unit is used for melting and pumping hot melt thermoplastic adhesives. Includes the KB-30H Melt Unit, ET-4 Event Timer, Banner OPBT2 Omni-Beam Product Sensor, two 77020-21 DC Head Drivers and two 36" Hot Melt Supply Hoses. The Melt Unit has been tested and is in good working condition. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

KB-30H Melt Unit

Slautterback's Solid State KB 30H Melt Units are machines used for melting and pumping hot melt thermoplastic adhesives. Melt Units that are specified as H Models, are designed for use with Slautterback Automatic Heads and Hot-Melt Supply Hoses. A Solid State KB Melt Unit consists of a heated Melt Tank, a motor-driven positive displacement Gear Pump, an adjustable Pressure & Flow-Control Valve, and Solid State Temperature Controllers. A KB 30H Melt Unit is equipped with a 30 lb. capacity Melt Tank. All KB Melt Units are completely electric and do not require the use of compressed air for operation. KB Melt Units are able to pump a variety of hot melt materials, such as packaging adhesives, product assembly adhesives, and thermoplastic potting materials. The Melt Tank's cylindrical design will accept granular, flake, or chunk forms of hot-melt adhesives. A Melt Grid at the bottom of the tank transfers heat efficiently from the Heaters into the hot-melt material. The melt tank's temperature is regulated by a Solid State Temperature Controller located on the front panel.


Manufacturer: Slautterback Corporation
Model: KB-30H
Serial Number: 10109105
System Type: Bulk Tank
Operating Air: None
Pump Type: Positive Displacement Gear Pump
Pump-Drive Mechanism: Electric Gear Motor
Pump Pressure Regulation: Pump Mounted Flow Control Valve
Tank Capacity: 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Hose Capacity: 4 hoses (Requires additional parts (not included) to use more than 2 hoses or glue heads.)
Warm-up Time: 30 minutes
Maximum Melt Rate: 40 lb/hr (18.2 kg/hr) - may vary with different adhesive types.
Temp Range, Melt Tank: 100 - 400° F (37 -205° C)
Temp Range, Hose/Head: 100 - 450° F (37 -232° C)
Electrical Requirements:
Voltage: 240Vac
Phase: 1 PH
Amps: 30A Max

ET-4 Event Timer

This solid state, microprocessor based timer is easy to operate. The user selects one or two dispensing head groups and adjusts the time event duration for a glue or gap pattern for this head group. The event sequence is initiated by an external trigger. ET-4 will accept up to 4 glue or gap events per head group. Each event pattern is switch selected, providing 1 millisecond resolution and ±0.5 millisecond accuracy and repeatability. ET-4 also provides input, output and power isolation, eliminating problems associated with system ground/neutral, floating voltages and noise triggering.


  • All solid state microprocessor based electronics.
  • Simple toggle switch programming procedure.
  • Independent programming of 2 head groups.
  • One input trigger for both head groups.
  • Selection and adjustment of any head group program.
  • Self test when processor is powered up.
  • digit time display (9.999 seconds).
  • An LED display for dependability and easy viewing.
  • Function head test switch.
  • Control of on-off function for motors and solenoids.
  • Control of time dependent functions of a parent machine.
  • Power off memory data retention.

The ET-4 will operate with any Slautterback Applicator Head. With the use of an external 24 V power supply, the ET-4 can switch several 24 VDC solenoid valves. Consequently, the ET-4 can also be used with Nordson or Graco/LTI products.

Applicator Head Drivers

The Slautterback 77020-21 DC Single Head Driver is a solid state electronic device which enhances the performance of Slautterback Electric Applicator Heads to produce extremely accurate patterns. Included are two DC Driver units (shown above).

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