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GNB FER100 24-600 T1 48VDC 105A Industrial Battery Charger

GNB FER100 24-600 T1 48VDC 105A Industrial Battery Charger

This GNB FER100 48VDC Industrial Battery Charger features an "Intelligent Power System". The control panel includes an Ammeter display and indicators for Charging, 80% Charged, Charge Complete and Shutdown. A "Stop" button is used to manually end the charging cycle. This battery charger has been tested and is in good working condition.

Control Panel Features

  • Charging LED - This LED indicates that the charger is ON.
  • 80% Charged LED - This LED indicates that the battery has reached 80% charge.
  • Charge Complete LED - When this LED is continuously lit it indicates that the charging cycle is complete. The battery may now be safely disconnected. In the event this LED is flashing, it indicates that cooldown is in progress.
  • Shutdown - The unit has shut down for a fault.
  • Stop Pushbutton - This pushbutton will STOP the charge cycle. The battery can then be safely unplugged.
  • Equalized Pushbutton - This pushbutton when pressed will extend the charge cycle by 3.5 hours in the equalize mode after the finish rate time has expired. If pressed a second time, it will cancel the equalize charge mode.
  • Display - The display shows the charging current to the battery during the charging process. The display will show additional messages as the charging is progressing or a fault occurs.


Manufacturer: GNB Industrial Battery Co.
Model No: FER100 24-600 T1
Serial No: 94C0167F
Specs: 24W0600C3D1
Battery Type: LA
Cells 24
AC Volts IN: 208/240/480
AC Amps IN: 24/21/10
Phase: 3
Hertz: 60
DC Volts OUT: 48
DC Amps OUT Max 105
Cont AMPS - CSA 84
AH 600
Battery Cable Length: 10' (3m)


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