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Lester Electrical Lestronic II 24 VDC 18 Amp Ferroresonant Battery Charger Model 16410

Lester Electrical Lestronic II 24 VDC 18 Amp
Ferroresonant Battery Charger
Model 16410

This Lester Electrical Lestronic II Battery Charger has been tested and is in good working condition. Lester Electrical ferroresonant (ferro) battery chargers provide proven quality, reliability, and durability and accurate charging for wet/flooded batteries. For 50 years, Lester-Matic, Lestronic, and Lestronic II ferroresonant battery chargers have been used in all manor of deep-cycle battery charging applications, from golf cars to aerial work platforms (AWPs) to floor machines, making them some of the best selling commercial/industrial battery charger lines of all time.

The Lestronic II battery charger is designed to recharge deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries. A ferroresonant transformer is used to provide a highly reliable, line compensating unit with a minimum of moving parts, designed for long, trouble-free service. A patented electronic timer turns the charger on and off automatically. This electronic timer determines full charge of the batteries by measuring the rate at which the battery voltage increases during charge. When the voltage stops rising, the battery is fully charged and the charger turns off.


NOTE: Many of the specs listed below were printed on the front panel of the charger but the ink has become smeared and is illegible. If you purchase this charger we recommend that you keep a copy of these specs with the charger.
Manufacturer: Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc.
Model No: 16410
Serial No: 11-95
Battery Type: User Charger ONLY for charging a 24-VOLT, 12-CELL, series connected WET LEAD-ACID SYSTEM with a capacity of 130 to 220 ampere-hours (20 HR. Rate) or 55 to 105 minutes (BCI rating). Other types of batteries may burst causing personal inury and damage.
No of Cells: 12
AC Volts IN: 120
AC Amps IN: 7
Phase: 1
Hertz: 60
DC Volts OUT: 24
DC Amps OUT Max: 18
Type: 24LC18-4ET
Battery Cable Length: 8' (2.4m)


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