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Current Technology DP120/208-3GY Transient Voltage Surge Surpressor



Current Technology DP120/208-3GY Transient Voltage Surge Surpressor

This Current Technology Transient Voltage Surge Surpression filter system must be installed by a qualified electrician. Once it is operational, the system is designed to operate indefinitely without any component failures or routine parts replacement. This unit is guaranteed to not be DOA. It has not been tested by us but it was removed from a working enviroment and appears to be in excellent condition. An instruction/installation manual is included. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


This patented suppression filter system provide all modes of bi-directional surge sifting and line noise filtering with a revolutionary engineering design called seamless technology. Taking a unique and superior approach to the mitigation of power anomalies, seamless technology utilizes the individual performance capabilities of up to four major components -- selenium cells, carbon thin film high energy capacitors, metal oxide varistors (MOVs), and synergistic component geometry -- to deliver "seamless" power without damaging surges, flicker or HF noise.

Only Current Technology combines the four components of seamless technology for an orchestrated effect. Much like an orchestra, all four parts work together to produce results vastly superior to the efforts of one or two components. To maximize performance from your Current Technology suppression filter system, strategic location is as important as correct wiring methods. Proper physical location will enable your unit to provide the industry's most reliable transient and noise protection. Your Current Technology suppression filter system should be installed as close to the protected loads as possible; wire lengths and wiring bends should be minimized. This positioning maximizes both surge suppression and filtering, while providing added protection for the protected loads.


Manufacturer: Current Technology
Model: DP120/208-3GY
Serial No: T3B284470892
Operating Voltage: 120/208VAC
Configuration: Grounded WYE
Transient Suppression Voltages
L - N: 400
L - G: 400
N - G: 400
Nominal Voltages
L - L1: 208
L - N1: 120
L - G1: 120
N - G: 0 - 2

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