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MGL 28" Tape Applying System



The MGL-28 tape applying system provides a fast and reliable method of placing both strips and spots of pressure sensitive tape onto virtually any surface. The MGL-28 will accept materials up to 28 inches wide. It utilizes a stationary transmitter and receptor photo-optic cell sensing system, insuring the highest possible accuracy and simplicity. The MGL-28 employs important safety features. All metering units are completely enclosed. Obsolete, direct power drive technology is not employed. The electronic and air logic system permits simultaneous intermixing of strips and spots.

The tape guides are to be placed in the taping shoe for 1/2, 3/4 and 1" tape respectively. Also plastic guide located under Hexagon unwind should be turned in position for the various tape widths.

The Spotting Mechanism: When spots are desired, metering head switch should be placed in the spot mode. Graduations on spotting disc from number to number represent on inch. Pattern can be moved on sheet by turning apply control knob, make sure cut control knob is at least on #7. (If you have cut control knob at a lower number you may cancel your program prematurely.)

The Instructions/Parts Manual and extra spotting discs are included with this machine.

Features and Benefits:

Features Benefits
28" (71.1cm) wide path Applies to wider products
MGL tape heads Highly accurate and durable
Up to 6 tape heads No special adaptors required for mylar tape
Safety Drive system Flexible configurations

Magnetic stackers

Very safe for operator and product

Intermix tape strips and spots

Easy to adjust delivery stacker

Product counter

Full control of tape applying options
Hi-res Vision sensors Durable electronic counter
Stainless steel & anodized aluminum More precise and reliable than single cell sensors
  Corrosion resistant and durable


  • Model: MGL 28
  • Serial Number: MGL-1073-28
  • Working table elevation: 34"-36" (86.3cm - 91.4cm)
  • Power Requirements: 120V A/C / 50/60Hz / 5 Amps
  • Air Requirements: 60 psi min.
  • Product Handling: up to 28" (71cm) wide
  • Product Thickness: 4 mils minimum (.02 points)
  • Number of Tape Heads: 3 tape heads (metering units)
  • Tape Types: Many types of single sided and double sided tapes
  • Tape Roll Size: 12" (30.5cm) O.D. on 3" (7.6cm) I.D. roll standard
  • Tape Widths: 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
  • Tape Thickness: Up to 1/16"

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