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Ryobi 3302M 2-Color Offset Printing Press - Inventory #3524



Ryobi 3302M 2-Color Offset Printing Press - Inventory #3524

This Ryobi 3302M 2-Color Offset Printing Press is in good working condition as you can see from the video above. All accessories shown in the photos are included. Anything not shown in the photos is not included. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note: This machine does not include the Blanket Cleaning Device, but it can still be cleaned using clean up sheets. Also, both the total impression counter and total cycle counter's batteries failed at some point. We have replaced the batteries but the totals on these counters were lost so we can not answer questions about how many sheets or impressions have been run on the press. The machine does appear to have been well cared for and to still have much life left in it.


The Ryobi 3302M is a two-color offset printing press. This 3302M is a single-lever model which has been upgraded to use the Varn Kompac II metered dampening system. The Ryobi 3302M prints on paper a maximum size of 13.39 inches by 17.72 inches and with a minimum paper size of 3.54 inches by 5.12 inches. The paper can vary in thickness between 0.0016 inches and 0.012 inches. The Ryobi 3302M has a maximum printing area of 12.99 inches by 17.24 inches.

The speed at which the Ryobi 3302M prints is between 3,000 and 10,000 sheets per hour (SPH). The SPH is affected by local conditions, the ink and stock used, the quality required by the print job, and types of printing plates used. The Ryobi 3302M uses a two-color printing process. This means that only two colored inks are used, although they can be blended to achieve a wide variety of shades. The Ryobi 3302M can be used for four-color printing, also known as full color printing, but each sheet must be passed through the machine twice.


  • 2-Color Printing System
  • Varn Kompac II Automatic Dampening System
  • Prints at speeds up to 10,000 sheets per hour
  • Airtech RY-3302ZP Powder Spray Device
  • Accel Tempest RY332 Hot Air Drying System
  • Includes RP22 Plate Punch
  • impression cylinder pressure control
  • auto ink ductor control
  • double sheet detector/eliminator
  • jam detection
  • pre-pile capability with 2 paper tables
  • centralized lubrication system


Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model: 3302M
Serial Number: 7092
Year of Mfg: 5/96
Paper Size (Max.): 340 X 450mm (13.39 X 17.72")
Paper Size (Min.): 90 X 130mm (3.54 X 5.12')
Paper Thickness: 0.04 ~ 0.3mm (0.0016 ~ 0.012")
Printing Area (Max.): 330 X 438mm (12.99 X 17.24")
Printing Speed: 3,000 ~ 10,000 sheets per hour
Plate Size: 335 X 485 (13.19 X19.09")
Plate Width (Max.) 352mm (13.86")
Plate Clamp Type: Straight edge clamp with plate positioning pins
Over-Blanket Size: 330 X 496 X 1.9mm (13.54 X 19.53 X 0.075")
Under-Blanket Size: 330 X 460 X 0.6mm (12.99 X 18.11 X 0.024")
Paper Feed System: Universal feeder
Feeder Pile Capacity: 440mm (17.32")
Feeder Pile System: Pre-pile
Paper Delivery System Chain delivery
Registration System: Push side lay
Gripper Margin: 8mm (0.315")
Vertical Image Adjustment (Max.) +/-20mm (+/-0.79")
Electrical Requirements:

Single Phase 208VAC / 60Hz / 12 Amps

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