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Challenge EH-3A 3-Hole Paper Drill with Auto Side Trip - Inventory #3532



Challenge EH-3A 3-Hole Paper Drill with Auto Side Trip - Inventory #3532

This Challenge EH-3A three-hole paper drill makes it easy to prepare presentations, manuals or reports for use in three-ring binders. This machine makes it possible to drill clean, consistent holes varying from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter in virtually any position on a page. This Challenge drill can also handle a variety of stock sizes and thicknesses, including as many as 250 sheets at a time. Includes drill sharpener and accessories shown in the pictures only. This item has been tested and is in good working condition. Please contact us if you have any questions.



This machine incorporates three drilling heads operating on three belt driven spindles. The center head is stationary while the two outside heads have a lateral adjustment of one and three-quarter inches each. This provides an adjustment range of from two and three-quarter inches to four and one-half inches between the center drill and either of the outside drills, or a range of from five and one-half inches to nine inches between the two outside drills. The lateral adjustment is accomplished by loosening the clamp knob (a black, plastic hand knob) located at the rear of each outside head and turning the knurled knob located at the outside of each head. This moves the heads along a shaft, and a scale and pointer located at the front of the heads gives a reading in inches and millimeters of the center line relationship to the center head. When a setting is made, make certain that the clamp knob is tightened again. Any combination of three heads can be used, that is, one, two, or three holes may be drilled if desired. It is recommended, however that no more than two half inch hollow drills be used at the same time. A slight pressure on the foot switch brings the drill heads down through the stock. The pedal must be released and depressed again before drilling the next set of holes, assuring full control and allowing no repeat stroke. By releasing the pedal, the operator can stop the drill in its downward stroke allowing it to return to its normal up position, thus preventing costly errors. The vertical movement of the spindles is activated the hydraulic unit. Depressing the foot switch sets the hydraulic unit into action. Keeping your foot on the foot switch allows the drills to drill through the entire lift of stock and reach the bottom of their stroke. At this point, release the foot switch to relieve the pressure from the cylinder and allow the heads to return to their up position. NEVER REST YOUR FOOT ON THE TREADLE WITHOUT INTENDING TO BRING DOWN THE DRILLS.


In addition to the versatility provided by the three heads of the EH-3A, this machine is equipped with the Challenge automatic trip side guide. This allows drilling of one, two, orthree holes at a time, then the automatic trip on the side guide permits step and repeat type of operation with a minimum between holes of three eights of an inch with the standard stops or one quarter inch minimum by the use of a fixed gauge, available as optional equipment. As each set of holes are drilled, the side guide is automatically tripped, and as soon as the drills clear the stock on their upstroke, the guide is free to move to its next stop. This is accomplished by pushing the stock to the left and moving the guide at the same time. When drilling one, two, or three holes only, that fall within the nine inch limitations of the machine, the automatic trip bracket (Iocated at the left of the machine) can be turned so that it does not engage the trip lever.


  • Hydraulic Operation
  • 2" Drilling Capacity
  • Fast and Easy Head Adjustments
  • Flexible Backgauge Adjustments
  • Automatic Drill Return


Manufacturer: Challenge Machinery
Model: EH-3A
Serial Number: 925038
Year of Mfg: 1992
Maximum Drill Capacity: * 2 - 2.5" / 5.1 - 6.4 cm
Drill Sizes Available: ** 2":    13 sizes 1/8 - 1/2" / 3 - 13 mm
2.5":   4 sizes 1/4 - 1/2" / 6 - 13 mm
Range Between Drills: 2.75" - 4.5" / 7 - 11 cm
Range Between Outside Drills: 5.5 - 9" / 14 - 23 cm
Vertical Head/Individual Head Adj. 1/4" / 6 mm
Minimum Distance Between Holes
      - with adjustable stops: 3/8" / 10 mm
      - with fixed gauges 1/4" /6 mm
Adjustment Range
      - left drill to side guide 0 - 14.5" / 37 cm
      - drill to backgauge: 0 - 5" / 13 cm
Table Size: 19.5" x 31.5" / 50 x 80 cm
Table Height: 37" / 94 cm
Overall Machine Height: 59.25" / 151 cm
Floor Space Needed: 36 x 41.5" / 91 x 105 cm
Voltage: 208/230 VAC Single Phase
Amps: 18 A
Frequency: 60 Hz
Pump: 1/2 H.P.
Spindle: 1 H.P.
* 2" / 51 mm drill bits can be used
** 1/2" / 13 mm drill bits not recommended for three hole drilling
The EH-3A must be wired to an individual line through a disconnect box with the proper voltage at the machine.

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