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Suspension Universal Envelope Feeder with 5 ft. Delivery Conveyor - Inventory #3535



Suspension Universal Envelope Feeder with Delivery Conveyor

This Suspension Universal Envelope Feeder constantly feeds envelopes to your printing press. No need to stop and reload the press paper every few hundred envelopes. Includes the 5 ft variable speed delivery conveyor shown in the pictures. This feeder was originally installed on a Ryobi 3302M offset press so the parts needed to adapt to this press (and some others) are included (see "Accessories" below). For any press not listed in the "Accessories" section, you will need to purchase the accessory parts for your press separately from the manufacturer. This item has been tested and is in good working condition. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Summary of Operation:

The Universal Envelope Feeder adapts to virtually all small offset presses without electrical or mechanical connections to the press. Envelopes are fanned and loaded onto the conveyor of the feeder. The conveyor advances the stock towards the press and forms a stack 3/4" to 1" (20mm-25mm) high beneath the sucker feet of the press. An automatic jogger maintains a square stack and holds the stock in the proper position. The sucker feet pick up the envelopes from the stack and feeds them into the press. The photo eye monitors the height of the stack and operates the conveyor as needed to keep a consistent height stack at the front of the press. The feeder can accommodate most business size envelopes from A2's through 10 x 13's. The feeder automatically adjusts itself to all printing speeds. It was designed for run lengths of 1,000 pieces and above. A delivery conveyor collects the envelopes after printing so they can be conveniently reboxed.

Designed for the Heidelberg QM46, PM46, QMDI, DI Pro and GTO. The Universal Feeder is also compatible with all other small duplicators. It is also designed to fit the four color stream fed presses such as the Heidelberg SM52, Ryobi 524, Presstek 52DI, Hamada 452, Shinohara 52 and the Komori Lithrone 20.

Compatible with:

AB Dick

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuously feeds envelopes. No need to stop and reload the press paper tray every few hundred envelopes

  • Installs quickly with no electrical or mechanical connections to the press

  • Timing and speed automatically matches the press

  • No tools needed for set-up or changeover to other stock sizes

  • Micro Lateral Adjustment

  • Designed for run lengths of 1000 & above

  • Feeds most envelopes from 3 5/8 x 3 7/8 up to 10 x 13 and C7 to B4 international

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to run

  • Made In USA


Includes the following accessories:

A-106 Bail Bar Hook
A-305 Bail Bar Hook
A-667 Op. Register Guide
A-668 Non-Op. Register Guide

The accessories above are for use with the following presses:

Presstek 34 DI
Kodak 5634 DI
Ryobi models: 2800, 3200, 3302, 3304 and 3404 DI
Hamada models: 600, RS34, H234, DU34II, VS4II SU478, E47DS, 600 DW and 665 DW

NOTE: Other presses will require accessory parts that can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.


Manufacturer: Suspension Feeder Corporation
Model: Universal
Serial Number: 4497
Feed Size Minimum: 3-1/2" x 4-1/8" (89mm x 105mm)
Feed Size Maximum: 10" x 13" (254mm x 330mm)
General Stock: Monarch, catalog, booklet or presentation folder envelopes, plain, window, open side, pointed or commercial flap, sub.24 or kraft envelopes.
Space Requirements: Approximately 4' (1.01 meter) in front and behind the press
Width: 15-1/2 (393mm) max.
Length: 47" (1194mm) to 60" (1524mm)
Height: 36" (914mm) to 43" (1092mm)
Weight: 137 lbs. (61.6kg)
Electrical Requirements (Feeder)
Voltage: 120 VAC
Amps: 1 A
Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
Delivery Conveyor
Width: 12"
Length: 60"
Height: 19" (482mm) to 27" (686mm)
Weight: 48 lbs. (21.6kg.
Electrical Requirements (Delivery Conveyor)
Voltage: 120 VAC
Amps: 1 A
Frequency: 50-60 Hz.

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