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Humidifirst MF-20 Mist Free Ultrasonic Humidifier with Dual DI Water Treatment System - Inventory #3536



Humidifirst MF-20 Mist Free Ultrasonic Humidifier
with Dual DI Water Treatment System

This Humidifirst MF-20 Humidifier is a Mist Free Humidifying System. Also includes a dual de-ionization water treatment system and water debris strainer. This item is in good working condition. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  • The only packaged humidifier that totally evaporates its moisture before the air leaves the unit.
  • An easily moveable humidifier. The unit arrives on casters and plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet.
  • All stainless steel and powder coated aluminum construction.
  • Uses energy efficient ultrasonic transducers to produce a pure mist.
  • Instant on and instant off humidification. The transducers start humidifying the air immediately when called for.
  • Minimal maintenance because deionized water is used. All dirt is left in the deionization bottle filter.


Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate a water mist into the air by using piezoelectric crystals (transducers). The transducers are mounted in a basin of water approximately 1.5 inches deep. Each transducer is approximately the size of a nickel and vibrates at approximately 1.6 megahertz, a speed so fast that the water above the crystal cannot follow the speed of the transducer, causing the water to cavitate. This process emits very small water droplets into the air, approximately one micron in diameter (similar in size to steam droplets). The water droplets are so small that they evaporate almost immediately. The water feeding an ultrasonic humidifier must be pure so that minerals and other contaminants are not vibrated into the air. Such purity is achieved with de-ionized (DI) water filters to remove all minerals and foreign matter from the water. DI water offers additional benefits. It assures a pure, clean mist for those breathing the air, and it significantly reduces the amount of maintenance required for the humidifier, i.e. no scaling or sludge to be removed from the humidifier pan.


Manufacturer: Humidifirst
Model: MF-20
Serial Number: MF20-5303
Capacity (#/hr): 20
Power Used: 660 va
Number of Transducers: 16
Fan CFM: 640
Net Weight: (Not crated or skidded) 225 lbs.
Dimensions: (Not crated or skidded) 23"W x 18"D x 84"H
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 5A / 60Hz

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