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Acme Electric 480/240 volt 45KVA Power Transformer Model T-1-53343-3 with Disconnects

Acme Electric 45KVA Power Transformer
Model T-1-53343-3
with Siemens 200 Amp
& SquareD 60 Amp Disconnects

This Acme Electric 45KVA 480/240V Dry Type Transformer has addtional primary taps that will accept a range of 3 phase voltages from 432 to 504 volts (Delta). The secondary winding is 240 volts (Delta). Also included with the transformer are the attached fusible safety disconnects shown in the pictures.

For over eighty five years, Acme Electric has been manufacturing Power Conditioning Equipment for use in industrial, commercial and OEM applications. Built on a reputation for superior customer service, quality and technical expertise in the transformer market, Acme is regarded as a true industry leader. All Acme products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE

ACME ELECTRIC 3 phase Power Transformer

Manufacturer: Acme Electric Corporation
Catalog Number:
Primary Volts: 480 (Delta) with additional taps for 432, 444, 456, 468, 492 & 504
Secondary Volts: 240 (Delta)
KVA: 45
Hz: 60
Phase: 3
Winding Rise: 150 deg C
Impedance: 5.5% at 170 deg C

Siemens General Duty Safety Switch

Manufacturer: Siemens
Catalog Number:
Description: 3 Pole, 4 Wire, Fusible
NEMA Type: 1 (Indoor)
Amps (max): 200
AC Volts (max): 200
DC Volts (max): 250

SquareD Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Manufacturer: SquareD
Catalog Number:
Description: 3 Pole, Fusible
NEMA Type: 1 (Indoor)
Amps (max): 60
AC Volts (max): 600
DC Volts (max): 600

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