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Applied Energy Solutions 24VDC Battery Charger Model 12R1050E3D Workhorse Series 2

Applied Energy Solutions 24VDC Battery Charger Model 12R1050E3D Workhorse Series 2

This Applied Energy Solutions 24VDC Battery Charger has been tested and is in good working condition. The SERIES 2 Industrial Battery Chargers are full wave silicon rectified ferroresonant chargers. Charging current is regulated by the ferroresonant transformer(s). The ferroresonant transformers allow the battery to determine its own charge rate with respect to its state of discharge. The controllers are custom dv/dt-di/dt termination PCB assemblies for flooded lead-acid battery chargers. A solid state, pre-programmed microcomputer provides total control of charge termination, preventing both undercharging and overcharging. The microcomputer incorporates built-in fault detection to ensure correct battery connection and smooth operation. The charge is terminated automatically when the control determines that the battery is fully charged.

Control Features

  • Automatic five-second delayed start upon connection of a proper sized, good battery.
  • Battery voltage sensing determines if there is a proper sized battery connected to the charger. This prevents charging if there is a bad battery connected, no battery connected, bad battery-to-charger connection or battery voltage and charger mismatch.
  • Battery voltage and current are continuously monitored.
  • Automatic dv/dt-di/dt charge termination.
  • Negative battery slope termination to prevent overcharge/thermal runaway.
  • Automatic 12-hour “REFRESH” adds a top off charge to a fully charged battery. The charger will start a “refresh” charge 12 hours after a normal charge complete has been reached, assuming that the battery was not disconnected during that time.
  • Backup Timers prevent extended charging of a damaged battery. The first timer starts at the beginning of the charge cycle and runs for 9 hours. At 9 hours, if the battery has not reached the 80% point, the charger will shutdown. The second timer starts at the 80% point and runs for 6 hours. If the charger does not terminate by then it will shutdown.
  • Automatic Shutdown Lockout will not allow a charge to start after a manual or problem shutdown occurs. Automatic Shutdown Lockout is cleared after the “Shutdown” battery is disconnected. This allows a charge to begin upon connection of a good, proper sized battery.
  • Automatic shutdown occurs for any of five failure conditions:
    • Fault code “Lo U” – Low volts per cell – the battery voltage is less than 1.7 vpc. The charger will not be “locked off”. The charger will automatically start charging when the battery voltage is greater than 1.7 vpc.
    • Fault code “Hi U” – High volts per cell – greater than 2.8.
    • Fault code “dISC” – Battery disconnected from charger during charge.
    • Fault code “dur” – Charge time exceeded - backup timer expired.
    • Fault code “Lo I” – Low charging current – charging current less than approximately 3 amps
  • Manual STOP switch - Will stop the charger from charging. The display will indicate “OFF” until the battery is disconnected. When pressed with no battery connected displays the delay start setting.
  • One to nine-hour programmable delayed start thumb wheel switch. This rotary switch can be set from 0 to 9 hours to delay the start of charge.
  • Optional Automatic Equalization Cycle every 5th cycle. This option is enabled by removing “W1” on the control PC board. For a completed charge cycle to be counted, the battery must be on charge at less than 80% for 1 hour or more from start of charge.
  • Equalize switch - This switch when depressed will turn on and off the three hour additional manual equalizing charge. When the Equalize function is turned on, an “E” will be displayed in the leftmost digit of the display. The “E” will flash during the actual equalize charge cycle (manual and automatic). If Auto-Equalize has been selected, pressing this switch prior to connecting the battery will allow the number of charge cycles remaining before auto-equalize cycle to be displayed in the format ‘E-#.’
  • LED Indicators:
    • “ CHARGING” - charger is charging the battery.
    • “ 80%” - the battery voltage is greater than 2.37 volts per cell.
    • “ CHARGE COMPLETE” - the charge cycle has been terminated normally.
    • “ SHUTDOWN” - the unit has shut down for a fault.
  • 80% Voltage Selection, factory set at 2.37 volts per cell. This may be changed to 2.45 volts per cell by removing “R32” on the PC control board assembly.


Manufacturer: Applied Energy Solutions
Model No: 12R1050E3D
Serial No: 04R18981
Battery Type: LA
Cells 12
AC Volts IN: 208/240/480
AC Amps IN: 18/15/8
Phase: 3
Hertz: 60
DC Volts OUT: 24
DC Amps OUT Max 168
Cont AMPS - CSA AH 1050 (8 HRS)


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