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2013 Printware PlateStream SC Color+ Digital Platesetter



2013 Printware PlateStream SC Color+ Digital Platesetter

This Printware PlateStream SC Color+ Digital Platesetter was manufactured in 2013 and is in excellent condition. It is located in Minneapolis, MN. All freight charges will be calculated from that location. Local pickup is also available. More information from the manufacturer is shown below. Please contact us with an questions you may have.


The Printware PlateStream SC Color+ portrait format digital platesetting system is simple, compact and fully integrated. With its Color+ registration system, an integrated plate processor, scan-to-plate capability and professional PDF workflow, the PlateStream SC Color+ is the perfect way to increase productivity and profits. Driven by EZrip workflow, going digital has never been so easy.

System Features:

  • Cost Effective: Produces up to 40 press-ready plates per hour without waste.
  • Extremely Accurate: Its +/- 0.001”accuracy across four consecutive plates assures tight press register and faster makeready times. (Note: Optimal results are achieved by using Printware SilverStreamColor+ polyester plates.)
  • Customized Plate Profiles: Intuitive press profiling system enables you to fine-tune your dot gain and linearization for press-ready plates.
  • Eliminates Waste: By using Printware’s exclusive 280' or 394' long rolls of SilverStreamColor+ plate material you will realize less waste for each roll changeover than any other system and will be able to produce perfect cut-to-
    size plates.
  • Optional Integrated Tools: Press Accurate Digital Color Proofing, One-Touch Scanning, In-RIP Trapping and In-RIP Imposition. Compatible with Printware Professional PDF workflow and Perfect File system.


Manufacturer: Printware
Model: PlateStream SC
Serial Number: EB6003R
Electrical: 200-240VAC / 50-60Hz / 20A

Two-Up Format
• 13.3” x 22” (34 cm x 56 cm) max.; imaged full width
• 7” x 12” (18 cm x 30 cm) minimum
• Repeatability (4 consecutive plates): ±0.001” (25µ)
• Image-to-edge accuracy: ±0.0015” (38µ)
• Press ready plate registration
Waste-Free Plate Cutting
• Ultra-precise, self-sharpening automatic cutter
• No leader
• No waste per plate
Speed and Resolution
• 14 ipm (34 cm/min.)
• Repetitive throughput: up to 40 plates/hour
• 2400 dpi
Media Compatibility
• Media capacity: 280' (85 m) or 394' (120m) rolls
(40% or 97% larger than any other machine)
• Silver halide polyester or paper plates
• Media Thickness: 0.005” to 0.008” (0.13 to 0.20 mm) without adjustment
Integrated Plate Processor
• Area-based replenishment
• Replenishment rate: 0.3 to 1.0 oz/ft (100 to 300 ml/m)
• Tank capacity: 5 gal. (19 liters)
• 37 ipm (94 cm/min.), synchronous speed control
• Medical-grade stainless-steel tanks
• Laminar-flow, artifact-free dryer
Exposure Sensitivity
• 650 nm red laser diode
• Ultra-wide adjustment range

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