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Elgar Model 1751SL AC Power Source with 400SD Plug-in Oscillator Module

Elgar Model 1751SL AC Power Source
with 400SD Plug-in Oscillator Module

The Elgar Model 1751 SL AC Power Source is a solid-state frequency changer and is ideal for general purpose test applications, as well as ATE systems and avionics testing. Includes the Elgar 400SD Plug-in oscillator module. Also includes roll around cart and dust cover. This power supply is used but in good working condtion. It is currently setup to accept a 230VAC 1PH input and then output 0-230VAC 1PH at a variable frequency of 44-5100 Hz. Power rated at 1750 VA.

MODEL: 1751SL-14
SERIAL: 11239


Elgar SL Series power source is a wide range, solid-state linear amplifier that converts the incoming line to low distortion, stable sine wave power. These solid-state frequency changers can be driven over their full voltage and frequency ranges by fixed, variable or programmable plug-in oscillators. The SL series offer overload and overtemperature protection, can operate continuously at up to 150% rated capacity and provide up to three output voltage ranges.


The Series 400SD variable frequency oscillators are plug-in units which provide variable frequency signals for the Elgar AC Power Sources. The frequency is determined by four decade switches on the front panel.

The 400SD oscillator plugs into the front panel of the Elgar power source and is secured by two captive screws. Frequency output of the Model 400SD is controlled by four decade switches and a X1, X10, X100 frequency range switch. The decimal for reference is silkscreened on the oscillator front panel between the center two decade switches. Frequency resolution is 1 part in 10,000.

The frequency limit LED on the front panel of the oscillator will light if a frequency below 44 Hz or a frequency above 5100 Hz is selected. If this occurs, the output of the oscillator will drop to zero. When a proper frequency is selected, the Limit light will go out and the oscillator output will rise at an exponential rate to full output in about 250 miIIiseconds.


    • Due to their conservative design, the
      SL Series provides continuous duty at 150%
      rated capacity into a linear resistive load.
    • The SL Series power sources provide low harmonic distortion normally below .3% midband, 0.6% over the full frequency range.
    • Elgar AC power sources offer frequencies from 45 Hz to 5 kHz at full rated power. (optionally expandable to 10 kHz)
    • SL Series components can be used as building blocks for creating a full range of single, dual and three-phase AC power sources.
    • 1750 VA (1 PHASE)


The linear design of the SL Series provides a highly regulated, clean sine wave, making these units ideal for linear loads in general purpose test applications as well as for Automatic Test Equipment systems and avionics testing.

  • Power fault simulation when used with an Elgar Plug-In Programmer
  • Frequency conversion (60 to 50 Hz or 50 to 60 Hz) for generating international or USA power
  • Power supply testing
  • Gyro testing
  • Avionics testing (400 Hz)


Voltage Range: 0-65, 0-130, 0-260 VAC; Specific output range is selected by jumper change on rear panel. Currently Configured for 0-230VAC.

Rated Power Voltage Range: Full rated VA from 55-65 VAC, 110-130 VAC, or 220-260 VAC over a 10% input and rated PF range

SL Series: Continuous duty at 150% of rated capacity at 55C

Load Power Factor: Unity to 0.7 PF at rated VA with an output voltage adjustment range of 85-100% of full scale

Frequency Range: 45 Hz to 5 kHz at full rated power

Total Harmonic Distortion:
SL Series: 0.4% 200 Hz to 1000 Hz; 0.6% Full frequency range

Load Regulation: 1% no load to full load over full frequency range. Better than 0.25% for fixed frequency output. Adjustable to 0.1% for specific load conditions and to 0.015% with a PIP

Line Regulation: 0.25% at rated load for a 10% input change at full scale output voltage

Response Time: < 50 microseconds

AC Noise Level: 70 dB below full output voltage with input grounded

Voltage: Currently Configured for 230VAC 1PH 1750VA

Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz (400 Hz option, not included)

Efficiency: Up to 45%

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +55C

Operating Humidity Range: Up to 95% non-condensing

Metering: 0-300 VAC output voltmeter, 3% accuracy

Controls: Input power switch/circuit breaker and pilot light. Full range, 10-turn output voltage control potentiometer

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