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5000 lb. Floor Scale & GSE 450 Series Programmable Weigh Indicator

5000 lb. Floor Scale & GSE 450 Series Programmable Weigh Indicator

This Floor scale has a 5' x 4' main deck and 2 ramps. Load cells from the deck are connected to a GSE model 450 programmable weigh indicator. Weight capacity is 5000 lbs. The swivel stand design of the display is ideal for table or wall mounting. This weighing system has been tested and is in good working condition.

The GSE 450 Weigh Indicator is designed to accomodate a variety of weighing & force measurement applications. Custom data string permits the RS232 output to transmit control codes, headers, and custom labels. Two flexible setpoints offer 6 modes of operation. Filling, emptying, checkweighing & batching routines offer 3 variations of status indication and a learn mode to auto/manual preact. Front panel keys for the model 450 are ZERO/CLR, PRINT, UNITS, TARE, SELECT. Units are lb, kg, g, lb-oz and 1 custom unit. Optional time & date. Nema 4X stainless steel enclosure.

GSE 450 Keyboard

The simplified keyboard, enables operator interface with the Model 450. Key functions are described below. Some of these keys have additional functions when the Model 450 is in the Setup Mode.

[ZERO] Press to reset the current weight reading to zero. This key also doubles as a [CLR] key. Press this key to correct a number entry mistake prior to entering it in memory.

[UNITS] Press to select the available displayed units, such as lb, kg, oz, g, etc.

[SELECT] Press to select the programmed operating mode such as NET Weight, TARE Weight, GROSS Weight, Time-Date, etc.

[PRINT] Press to send data to a printer, computer or other device.

[TARE] Press to establish a Tare Weight. This key also doubles as an [ENTER] key. Press this key after making an entry.

[UNITS] These keys are also used when making and [PRINT] character entries to create Custom Transmits, etc.

GSE 450 Features

  • Highly Visible Display. Brilliant .75-inch high six-digit vacuum fluorescent display is clearly readable even at a distance.
  • Durability: Stainless Steel Washdown Enclosure and sealed elastomer keypad provide superior protection against chemicals and hostile environments.
  • High Capacity: Capable of powering as many as eight 350-ohm load cells for such demanding applications as floor, tank, and hopper scales.
  • Versatile Communications: Programmable RS-232
  • Swivel stand enables table or wall mounting.
  • Time and Date Clock (battery-backed optional)
  • Front panel calibration and linearization capability
  • Full scale response time from 0.06 to 8 seconds
  • Two Open Drain (FET) setpoint outputs
  • Selectable weighing units: pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz), grams (g), etc.
  • AC power operation (90 - 250 VAC)
  • Weighing increments: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500
  • Remote key activation
  • Remote Display capability
  • Expandable memory for increased setup storage

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