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Mettler-Toledo CZ3310-GI Checkweigher Scale Conveyor System

Mettler-Toledo CZ3310-GI Checkweigher Scale Conveyor System

Packaging and processing companies use checkweighers to guard against giving away too much product or not providing the consumer with enough product. Checkweighers also help companies use statistical analysis techniques to maintain tight quality control and reduce costs.

Basically a checkweigher weighs items as they move along a productions line, classifies them into preset weight zones, and ejects those products that are unacceptable. A checkweigher often consists of a transport, to move items along a conveyor line; a scale; a scale eye which triggers the weighing cycle; a control such as the Micromate, which analyzes the weight signal and makes statistical decisions; and a rejector station (not included), to remove unacceptable items.

Micromate Display Features

  • 3 Weight Zone Control Indicators
    • Red (Zone 1 - Underweights)
    • White (Zone 2 - Acceptable)
    • Green (Zone 3 - Overweight)
  • Weight Display
  • Deviation from Target indicator
  • Key Switch
  • Actual indicator
  • Sample Package indicator
  • No Total indicator
  • Good Rezero indicator
  • Needs Rezero indicator
  • Package Spacing indicator
  • Scale Noise indicator
  • LBS/Ounces/KG indicator


Micromate Controller
Temperature: 0-30° C (32-100° F)
Humidity: 100% non-condensing
Enclosure: NEMA 12X epoxy painted, dust-tight, oil-tight

30.5 x 40.6 x 15.2 cm
(12 x 16 x 6 in.)

Conveyor Belts
Infeed Belt Width: 400 mm
Weigher Belt Width: 300 mm
Outfeed Belt Width: 400 mm
Electrical Specifications


Phase: 1
Amps: 1A (for Micromate only) (15A total)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Revere Transducers (Load Cells)
Quantity: 2
Model Number:
Part Number: 700035-09
Capacity: 100 lbs. ea.
Serial Numbers: 304390 98 & 302730 98

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