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Challenge Companion MDJ High Bin Style Tabletop Paper Jogger - Inventory# 3567



Challenge Companion MDJ High Bin Style Tabletop Paper Jogger

This Challenge Companion MDJ High Bin Style Tabletop Paper Jogger is used but in good working condition. Jogger is sold as shown in the pictures. This jogger will save you time and make your job easier by quickly squaring-up unorganized stacks of paper. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Companion Joggers operate on an electromagnetic principle of operation. An alternating current (A.C.) passing through a coil causes a rising and falling magnetic field. The coil is attached to the jogger base and the magnetic field rising and falling in this assembly draws on an armature plate attached to the jogger housing/table assembly. The base and housing assemblies are separated by rubber isolators which permit movement between these two assemblies. The alternating attraction and release between these assemblies is what causes the jogger vibration.

The amount of vibration, how hard the coil pulls on the armature, is controlled be several factors: The number of turns of wire in the coil; The distance or gap between the coil and armature and the amount of current supplied to the coil.

The number of turns of wire in the coil is a fixed amount and was determined when ordered from the coil manufacturer. The optimum gap has been determined through testing done by Challenge engineers. This leaves current supply to the coil as the only way to vary the amount of vibration.

Since voltage supply is fixed at the outlet, current to the coil is controlled by a rheostat that varies the resistance in the electrical circuit causing a variation in the strength of the magnetic field resulting in more or less vibration. A unique feature of this type of operation is the immediate cease of action when the power is shut off with no gradual decline of motion that could cause misalignment of jogged material.


Manufacturer: Challenge Machinery Company
Model: MDJ
Serial Number: 4890
Type: Medium-Duty Paper Jogger
Style: High Bin
Bin Dimensions: 8" x 3-3/8" x 11-7/8" (20cm x 9cm x 30cm)
Electrical Requirements: 115VAC / 4A / 60Hz

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