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FMC Syntron Model TJ-2-B 19"x23" Electromagnetic Paper Jogger - Inventory #3571



FMC Syntron Model TJ-2-B 19"x23" Electromagnetic Paper Jogger

This FMC Syntron Model TJ-2-B Paper Jogger has been refurbished, tested and is in good working condition. This TJ-2-B with Tilt Rack features a tilted rack that effectively handles paper in sizes up to 19 X 23 inches in 30-pound loads. It is ideal for use in jogging paper for small offset presses and can quickly align sheets prior to cutting and binding. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Syntron® Electromagnetic Jogger, Model TJ-2-B is designed for alignment of paper stock. A magnet assembly produces a vibrating action which is transmitted to the rack or bin through a system of leaf springs. The control assembly consists of an ON/OFF switch, a rheostat to control the amplitude of vibration, a rectifier to convert AC to DC, and a fuse.

Joggers are not “one size fits all”. Small businesses and offices do not have the same needs as print shops. Syntron offers many different options to suit the needs of both. While most offices need a jogger that can handle standard size copy paper, business envelopes or checks. Printing facilities usually need a jogger that’s capable of handling larger, heavier stock. The TJ-2 with Tilt Rack is perfect for jogging paper that is run on small, offset presses. This TJ-2 can easily handle paper stacks up to 19" x 23” inches in size and up to 30 lbs. in weight making it the perfect jogger for not only printers but calendar and box manufacturers.

Operation: Place loosely stocked paper on its edge, in the bin or rack and place the switch in the ON position. The amplitude of vibration may be increased by turning the rheostat knob to a higher setting on the dial, a lower dial setting results in a lower amplitude. When the paper is in alignment, turn off the jogger. For maximum efficency, Syntron Material Handling recommends a maximum load of 30 pounds.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Advanced design
  • Proven reliability
  • Simple operation
  • Self cleaning
  • Safe Self-Enclosed


Manufacturer: FMC Syntron
Model: TJ-2-B
Serial Number: 670830
Electrical Requirements: 115V/60Hz/3.2Amp

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