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Duplo DF-1000 120V 11x17" Fully Automatic Air Suction Paper Folder - Inventory #3599



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.

Duplo DF-1000 Fully Automatic Air Suction Paper Folder

This Duplo DF-1000 Air Suction Paper Folder is a fully automatic paper folding machine. It is in great condtion with a total count of 379,000 folded sheets. With a duty cycle of up to 80,000 per month, this machine still has a lot of life left in it. The folder is sold as shown in the pictures and video. Instruction manual is included. Stand/Table is not included. Please note that there is a small indentation in the mylar cover of the display (see pictures). The indent is not noticeable during normal use. See full description for more details and specifications. This item has been tested and is in good working condition. Folder has been crated at no extra charge for safe transport. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Duplo’s state-of-the-art fully automatic DF-1000 air suction folder is all you need for fast and easy folding of digitally printed and offset documents. Designed to be the ideal folding solution for the color digital printer, this high performance folder incorporates Duplo’s renowned suction technology and tackles common problems, such as static build-up, faced by digital printers when finishing color work. Unique in design, the DF-1000 does not require an additional, separate pump making it the quietest machine in its class.

Able to handle bond, NCR, and coated stock up to 200 gsm, the DF-1000 can fold up to 248 sheets per minute with ease. With five popular pre-programmed folds and a multitude of custom folds, crisp and accurate folding is just a touch away. The system’s high level of automation, user-friendly LCD panel, and large 1,000 sheet feeding capacity ensure precise, non-stop productivity from start to finish. As no special operator training is required, even the most inexperienced operator can become a finishing expert in no time. Quiet in operation and compact in size, the DF-1000 fits perfectly into any office, commercial, or on-demand printing environment and is the ideal solution for folding brochures, flyers, invitations, and much more.


  • Accurate folding with less than a 0.5 mm tolerance
  • Ideal for both offset & digital color print environment
  • Pumpless, air-suction design based on renowned Duplo technology
  • Quiet operation – ideal for office environment
  • Up to 1,000 sheet feeding capacity
  • Fully automatic & extremely user-friendly

Manufacturer: Duplo Corporation
Model: DF-1000
Serial Number: 060200975
Electrical Requirements: 120V / 2A / 60Hz
Type: For office use/desktop
Paper Size:
     Maximum: 11.7" (W) × 17.0" (L) (Along paper feed direction)
     Minimum: 4.75" (W) × 7.2" (L) (Along paper feed direction)
Paper quality: Fine quality paper, recycled paper, art paper, coated paper
Folding mode: Single fold, double fold, irregular accordion fold, letter fold, accordion fold, other custom fold
* However, when double folding STMT size paper, use fine quality paper of 16 lb, set the processing speed above speed 4, and set the folded plane length of folding plate 2 to more than 1.85".
Paper weight: Fine quality paper, recycled paper : 14 to 40 lb
Art paper, coated paper : 20 to 40 lb
* However, when single folding art paper or coated paper width less than 8.5", paper up to 54 lb can be used.
Paper feed tray capacity: 1000 sheets (fine quality paper 22 lb)
Maximum processing speed: 207 sheets/minute
Condition: When 16 lb LTR size fine quality paper is single folded
Paper feed method: Air suction paper feed method
Paper feed tray control function: Paper presence detection, automatic rise/descent (manual raising/lowering also possible)
Paper size detection function: Automatic detection of following standard paper sizes: LGR, LGL, LTR, STMT, and INV (fed by short edge feeding)
Paper feed error detection function: Mis-feed, continuous-feed, paper jam
Counter: 4-digit, selection of add or subtract count method
Other detection functions: Opening/closing of top cover L/R and side cover, with/without folding plate, paper feed tray UP/DOWN error
Various operational guidance including error messages are displayed on the LCD
Additional functions: Folding stopper position adjustment registration (25 ways), custom folding registration (2 ways), non-standard paper length registration, interval, last time fold, folding stopper fixed, thick paper supported, forced paper ejection, forced paper ejection in folding plate, stacker belt continuous rotation
Energy saving functions: LCD backlight automatic OFF
Dimensions (Not Shipping Dimensions)
     In use: 50.28" (W) × 21.02" (D) × 23.23" (H)
     In storage: 35.91" (W) × 21.02" (D) × 23.23" (H)
Weight (Not Shipping Weight): 156.5 lb

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