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Morgana AutoCreaser 758212 Suction Fed Creasing + Perf & Score Capable - Inventory #3601



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
Trouble viewing? Click Here to view on YouTube.

Morgana AutoCreaser Suction Fed Creasing Machine

This Morgana AutoCreaser has been refurbished and in good working condition. It is sold as shown in the pictures and video. This machine is used to cross-crease paper stock up to 9 times in a single pass. The AutoCreaser can also be fitted with perforation & scoring wheels (not included) which gives the AutoCreaser the ability to perf & score along the direction of sheet travel. More details and specifications are in the full description below. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The AutoCreaser, made in the UK by Morgana, provides the complete solution to the problem of cracking that occurs when folding digitally printed output. It is equally effective in dealing with conventionally printed card, laminates or cross-grained stock.

Before Morgana launched the AutoCreaser, printers and finishers faced with these problems had two choices. The first was to use a platen or cylinder press – effective, but very slow to set up and demanding high skill levels. The second involved the use of rotary scoring, which almost inevitably damages the material, resulting in white show through on the spine of the folded document.

The AutoCreaser is a fully automatic, suction fed device, which is 10 times faster to set up than a platen and is supremely easy to use. It takes a maximum sheet size of 630mm x 330mm and accepts stock up to 350 gsm. It performs 2700 creases per hour on A4. The AutoCreaser can also be programmed to make 9 creases in a single pass with a 4mm minimum distance between creases. For repeat work it will memorise up to 9 pre-set applications.

The AutoCreaser works by using a creasing rule and matrix action that applies several tonnes of pressure to weaken the fibres of the paper. Unlike a scorer, however, this does not tear the surface, so there is no white show-through – even when the fold is made in an area of solid colour. Creasing blades can easily be changed and the operating action can be reversed for inverse creasing.

The AutoCreaser is fully mobile with a small footprint. A single operator can feed the machine and offload the catch tray or optional jogger (not included). To eliminate cracking of the substrate the AutoCreaser employs a technique by which the fibres are embossed to weaken them. The creasing mechanism consists of a male creasing rule and a female matrix that come together to perform a superb crease. By embossing the paper in this way, cracking is eliminated.

Creasing versus Scoring

Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the Morgana AutoCreaser employs a unique creasing rule and matrix - as illustrated - that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.


Manufacturer: Morgana / Plockmatic Group
Model: 758212
Serial Number: 702475JAAF
Feeding System: Bottom suction feed
Max. Sheet Size (lxw): 24.8" x 13" (630mm x 330mm)
Min. Sheet Size: 5.5" x 8.5" (140mm x 210mm)
Max. Paper Weight: 350gsm
Min Paper Weight: 70gsm
Max. No. Creases Per Sheet: 9
Max. No. Porgrammed Applications: 9
Min. Repeat Crease Distance: 1/8" (3mm) (depending on paper weight)
Min. Crease Distance:  
     . . . from lead edge: 25mm
     . . . from tail edge: 20mm
Speed Per Hour* (A4 Material): 2,700 single creases
2,168 double creases
Speed Per Hour* (A3 Material): 1,980 single creases
Power Requirement: 230V / 60Hz / 1 Ph / 15A
Dimensions (not shipping dimensions): Length: 3'10" (1,168mm) x Width: 18" (457mm) x Height: 3'3" (990mm)
Weight (not shipping weight): 240 lbs. (109Kgs)
*Note: The production speed varies according to material size and the number of creases on the sheet
Optional Accessories:
(For Reference Only - Not Included)
Description Part Number
Perforator (7 teeth per inch): 1-99-12
Perforator (10 teeth per inch): 1-99-10
Perforator (14 teeth per inch): 1-99-41
Scoring Set (Type A): 6-99-05
Scoring Set (Type B): 6-99-06
Anvil (1 required for each perf wheel): 1-99-35
Perf Stripper: 78-013

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