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Duplo DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder DBM-120SxS Bookletmaker & DBM-120T Trimmer - Inventory #3616



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
Trouble viewing? Click Here to view on YouTube.

Duplo DSF-2000 Sheet Fed Bookletmaker System

This Duplo Bookletmaker System is a used machine with low usage and is in good working condition. This system is sold as shown in the pictures and video. More information and specifications are shown below in the full description. System includes the Duplo DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder, DBM-120SxS Bookletmaker, DBM-120T Trimmer and DCM-KIT option (Air knives and active anti-static bar). Also installed is a barcode reader option. There is only one barcode scanner which is installed on the cover feeder tray. The barcode scanner powers on but has not been tested. Instruction manuals are included. Please contact us if you have any questions.

DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder

Ideal Finishing Solution For Digital Printing
Introducing the document sheet feeder like no other, the Duplo DSF-2000 System combines the advantages of both in-line and off-line finishing solutions. The DSF-2000’s superior suction feeding and bookletmaking qualities transform precollated sheets (taken directly from digital copiers or printers) into professional booklets while maintaining set integrity. The DSF-2000 does not limit the finishing process to any one printer. Operators may merge the output from a variety of printing sources with complete set integrity. The effortless setup of the system simply requires the operator to load the paper into the feed tray and select the desired finishing application.

Versatility and Productivity
The DSF-2000 swiftly feeds up to 200* sheets per minute directly into the DBM-120SxS Bookletmaker. Once accumulated, the finishing touches are seconds away. The amount of sheets per set is fully controlled by a sheet counter, End of Set Mark Recognition, or optional barcode reader. Demonstrating its superb versatility to handle a variety of paper sizes and weights, the DSF-2000 primary feed tray offers a 7.87” stack capacity (2,000 sheets of 20 lb. bond) while the cover feed tray holds 2.36” (600 sheets of 20 lb. bond). Another unique feature of the DSF-2000 is the Inverter Function which allows feeding of one to end print formats.

DSF-2000 Specifications:

Manufacturer: Duplo Corporation
Model: DSF-2000
Serial Number: 080701074
Country of Origin: Japan
Sheet Total Counter: 01,036,982
Feed Method: Vacuum belt suction system with elevating feed tray
Feed Capacity:
     Bin A (main/upper tray) 7.87" (2,000 sheets 20 lb. bond)
     Bin B (secondary/lower tray) 2.36" (600 sheets of 20 lb. bond)
Paper Size: 5.8" x 7.8" to 12.6" x 18"
Paper Type:
     Bin A     Fine quality paper: 14 to 34 lb.
                    Art/coated paper: 21 to 34 lb.
     Bin B     Fine quality paper: 14 to 66 lb.
                    Art/coated paper: 21 to 42 lb.
Paper Detection: Double-feed, misfeed, paper jam, bin empty, upper door open/
close, lower door open/close, bridge door open/close, End of
Set Mark Recognition, Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
Speed: Up to 200 sheets per minute*; also varies upon downstream processing unit.
Optical Mark Recognition (Standard): Upper and lower side of sheet, count and check functions,
search for last sheet function
Options: Barcode reader, job tracking and reporting, DCM-KIT (air knives
for main and secondary feed trays), active anti-static bar
Power Requirements: 120VAC / 1.8A / 60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 44" x 30" x 40" (not shipping dimensions)
Weight: 300 lbs. (not shipping weight)
*Dependent upon connected devices

DBM-120S/S Stapler Folder

DBM-120SxS Fully Integrated Communication
The fully integrated communication between the DSF-2000 and DBM-120SxS Sheet By Sheet Bookletmaker allows for full control of the entire system through the DSF-2000 control panel. In addition, the Automatic Size Change (ASC) will communicate with the DSF-2000 indicating the sheet size being fed and automatically perform the size changeover on the bookletmaker. The automatic setting DBM-120SxS Bookletmaker and DBM-120T Trimmer offer speed, reliability, and productivity to help increase profits. With production speeds of up to 1,800 booklets per hour, the DBM-120SxS is the ideal finishing solution for short and medium runs.

DBM-120S/S Specifications:

Manufacturer: Duplo Corporation
Model: DMB-120 Sheet by Sheet
Serial Number: 081200326
Country of Origin: Japan
Total Counter: 580,775
     Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 8.27" x 5.75” to 12.60” x 9.09"
     Paper Capacity: Up to 20 sheets*
     Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 8.27” x 10.98" to 12.60” x 17.72"
     Paper Capacity: Up to 20 sheets*
     Speed: Up to 1,800 sets per hour*
     Detections: Paper jam (location indication), remaining
staple count, top cover open/closed indication
     Number of Staple/ Stitcher Heads: 2
     Staple / Stitch Positions: Corner, side, top, saddle (or no stitch for "fold
only" applications)
     Programmable Memory Settings: 10 pre-set and 3 custom paper sizes
     Power Requirements: 120VAC / 2A / 60Hz
     Dimensions (LxWxH) 28" x 22" x 23" (not shipping dimensions)
     Weight: 185 lbs. (not shipping weight)
* Dependent upon connected devices  

DBM-120T Trimmer

DBM-120T Specifications:

Manufacturer: Duplo
Model: DMB-120T
Serial Number: 080900230
Country of Origin: Japan
Total Counter: 480,011
Booklet Size (Min./Max.): 7.87” x 3.94" to 12.60” x 8.86"
Trim Margin: Up to 0.79"**
Trim Capacity: Up to 40 sheets of 20 lb.*
Speed: Up to 2,400 sets per hour*
Power Requirements: 120VAC / 2.1A / 60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 15" x 22" x 23" (not shipping dimensions)
Weight: 124 lbs. (not shipping weight)
* Dependent upon connected devices
** Dependent upon paper weight and size

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