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Nice 2011 Baumcut 31.5" [Polar 80] Paper Cutter with Air Table - Inventory #3633



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
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Baumcut 31.5" [Polar 80] Paper Cutter with Air Table

This 2011 Baumcut 31.5" Paper Cutter is a lightly used machine that came out of a university and it is in excellent condition. This cutter is a Polar model 80 manufactured by Polar for Baumfolder Corporation. Features an air table and 31.5" cutting width. This machine has been serviced which included a recent change of the hydraulic fluid and replacement of the battery for the programming memory. A sharp knife blade was also installed. Cutter includes 2 extra knives, 1 dull and 1 sharp. Also included is an operator manual, blade changing tools and cutting sticks. This machine has been tested and is in good working condition. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Baumcut 31.5 programmable cutter is efficient, compact, and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance. This heavy-duty, fully hydraulic cutter features easy push-button programming and stores up to 99 programs with 6464 cut steps.

The Baumcut 31.5 offers high-productivity precision cutting with maximum safety in mind. Infrared safety beams, two-hand timed cut release and covered rear table help ensure operator safety. Noise levels are kept to a minimum since the motor runs only during cutting operations.

Programming is automatic. Simply cut the first ream manually, and the cuts are stored as a program. A large central LCD display indicates data in the selected language. Knife changes are easy, with a front adjustment. Built-in table light and optical cutting line indicator yields more precise cutting.

  • Push-button programming – stores up to 99 programs, 6464 cut steps
  • Large, central LCD display – indicates data in the selected language
  • Optical cutting line indicator & table light – for precision cutting
  • Automatic programming – fi rst manual cuts stored as program
  • Repeat function – cut sizes can be repeated as needed
  • Low noise levels – motor runs only during cutting operations
  • Manual backgauge positioning with electronic handwheel
  • Hydraulic knife drive and clamping
  • Overload protection – for main motor and backgauge drive
  • Motor-powered backgauge drive
  • Easy knife change with front adjustment – Tools included
  • Hydraulic clamp pressure is adjustable for a variety of materials
  • Non-corrosive closed table surface
  • Machine self-diagnosis with error indication

Safety Features:

  • Infrared safety beams are standard
  • Two-hand, timed cut release with non-repeat device
  • Rear table fully covered
  • Permanent check of knife position
  • Machine self-diagnosis with error indication
  • Cover over foot pedal

Manufacturer: Baum / Polar
Model: Baum 31.5 / M080-10
Serial Number: 81N1211
Year of Mfg: 2011
Electrical: 220VAC / 3PH / 60Hz / 5.4A
Country of Mfg: Germany
Cutting Width: 31.5" [80cm]
Cutting Height: 4" [10cm]
Length behind knife: 31.5" [80cm]
Table length front of knife: 26-3/8" [67cm]
Table height: 35-1/2" [90cm]
Knife speed: 25 cuts/min
Knife thickness: 0.5" [12.7mm]
Knife ground-of maximum: 0.88" [22mm]
Knife rake angle: 23 degrees
Minimum cut without false plate: 0.59" [1.5cm]
Minimum cut with false clamp plate: 2.19" [5.5cm]
Clamp pressure [min]: 440 pounds force [200daN]
Clamp pressure [max]: 5950 pounds force [2700daN]
Backgauge speed: 0-13 cm/sec
Net weight (Not shipping weight): 2200 lbs. (997kg]
Cut steps: 6464
Programs: 99

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