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Calco/FujiFilm PEDI-250 3 GPM Deionized Water System with Spare Tank - Inv #3635



Calco/FujiFilm PEDI-250 3 GPM Deionized Water System

This Calco/FujiFilm PEDI-250 3 GPM Deionized Water System is a new surplus item. This system is sold as shown in the pictures and includes a spare tank in an unopened box. Carbon and Sediment Filters are unused and preinstalled. Operator Manual and AC Adapter for HY-LITE Monitor are also included. This item is on a pallet and will ship via freight truck. Local pickup is also available. Item is located in Topeka, KS. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The PEDI-250 Deionized Water System is an integrated modular complete skid mounted portable system designed to produce Type II grade deionized water from any potable water source. The system is designed to provide deionized water conveniently and economically to various applications in the graphics arts, laboratory, commercial and light industrial applications.

The PEDI-250 Deionized Water System is a complete deionized (DI) water system that incorporates a carbon prefilter, two deionizer (DI) service exchange type canisters (tanks) with an indicator light monitor in between and a sediment post filter. The cartridge type carbon filter first removes heavy sediments and chlorine from the feed water to the system . Water then flows through two (2) Calco, Ltd. SF-50 deionization canisters (DI tanks) in a series connection. The first canister is the worker and the second one the polisher. The polisher tank provides a continuous back up contingency of the operation. Finally, the deionized (DI) water flows through a 5-micron final sediment filter, which protects from fine sediments entering the intended use of the purified water. Between the two DI canisters there is a resistivity indicator light that monitors the water quality out of the first DI tank and alerts the user (audible & visual) when the first tank is nearing exhaustion and requires replacement. The final product water is stored in the 7-gal storage tank for use by the processor.


Manufacturer: Calco Ltd. / Fujifilm Graphic Systems
Model: PEDI-250
Serial Number: 0914-356
System Max. Flow Rate: 3.0 GPM (11 LPM)
Max. Operating Pressure: 80 p.s.i.
Max. Operating Temperature: 90° F
Carbon Filter Cartridge: Calco # S-3
Deionizer (DI) Tanks (2 ea.) (+1 Spare Tank) Calco SF-50
Post Filter Cartridge: P5, 5-micron
Resin Media Volume per DI Tank: 1/2 Ft3 Mixed Bed
Capacity per DI Tank: 5,000 Grains
Total system capacity: 10,000 Grains
Quality Monitor: 25K Ohms-cm
Monitor Light: Red/Green LED indicator with audible alarm
Storage Tank: 7 gal HDLPE
Supply water connection: 1/2" MGHT
Water connection: 3/8" Hose barb
Electrical Power: 115V, 60 Hz.

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