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Brackett Twinstream Webmaster Intercepter / Chipboard Inserter System - Inventory #3642



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
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Brackett Twinstream Webmaster Chipboard Inserter System

This Brackett Twinstream Webmaster is used but has been rebuilt and comes with a new machine warranty. Rebuild included the replacement of both drive motors, timing belts, all conveyor and inserter feed belts, bearings, idler roller assemblies, control panel switches and digital speed controls. This system includes a sheeter knife sensor (with 5 meter extension cable), reflective tape, power cord and operator manual. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Brackett's "WebMaster Twin-stream Interceptor System" interrupts cut sheet production on your web press at predetermined counts - single or dual stream. At that instant, WebMaster automatically inserts dividers with 100% accuracy in counts as few as ten. Replaces hand inserting. Press operator requires no assistance. The WebMaster also delays shingled delivery long enough to allow stack change-out without press slowdown thus eliminating expensive press downtime.

  • Slashes labor costs drastically
  • Reduces press downtime
  • Frees up bindery bottlenecks
  • Dramatically improves turnaround time

Manufacturer: Brackett
TWINSTREAM Interceptor Conveyor
     Model: CO-35D
     Serial Number: 2100232
     Minimum Batch Count: 10 Sheets
     Maximum Batch Count: 10,000 Sheets*
     Machine Noise: 25 db (A)
     Drive Motor: Variable Speed 1/6 HP 90VDC
     Controls: Digital PLC-EEPROM
     Display: Alphanumeric LCD/BackLit w/Tactile Membrane Keypad
     Power: 120VAC 50/60Hz 360VA (Watts)
*At Web Press Speeds up to 1000 FPM
NOTE: Batch Counts less than 25 can be achieved at press speeds of betweeen 0-300 FPM. Optimum batching/inserting requires a consistent 3/4" to 1-1/2" min. shingled sheet overlap.
Dual Single Stream Chipboard Inserter
     Model: DX2100HD-A
     Serial Number: 2100248
     Machine Noise: 35 db (A) Band
     Frame/Structure: Aluminum Plate
     Drive Motor: Variable Speed 1/2HP 90VDC
Two Feed Belts w/HD Wrap Spring Clutch
Chip/Cover Divider Size (WxL)
     Minimum Dual: (6x6)" (152x152)mm
     Maximum Dual: (11x22)" (280x560)mm
     Minimum Single: (8.5x11)" (216x280)mm**
     Maximum Single: (20.5x22)" (520x560)mm
Thickness: Min. (.012)" 12pt (.003)mm
Max. (.100)" 100pt (.0254)mm
**Min for center stream only - gear or operator side min. = dual min. & max.
Total System Power Requirements with DX2100HD-A: 120VAC 50/60Hz 960 VA (Watts)

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