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Straight Shooter D-12 12"W x 17"L Demand High Speed Friction Feeder - Inventory #3650



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
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Straight Shooter D-12 Demand High Speed Feeder

This Straight Shooter D-12 Feeder is used and in good working condition. It has been serviced which included installing new feed, traction & acceleration belts as well as two new blue separator tips. This D-12 feeder can be used as a demand feeder by using the included "start" photoeye to sense your product or machine lug. It can also be used for continuous feeding by unplugging or covering the "stop" photoeye. This machine includes an operator & parts manual, a brand new "start" photoeye and a power cord. Also included is a connector for use with the optional 24vdc "miss output" circuit. The miss output can be used to stop your production line if the feeder runs out of material. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Straight Shooter D-12 friction feeder is the solution to your single shot AND continuous feed applications. Utilizing proven Straight Shooter innovations like Buckle Separation™ and repositionable feed belts and separators, the D-12 now offers a simple, cost effective solution for packaging applications. Straight Shooter's complete paper guides and repositionable belt ideas are carried through in the D-12’s acceleration table, giving you unmatched versatility and control.

Just like Straight Shooter's feeders, their acceleration table features repositionable belts, complete paper guides, easy belt changes, and total product control. In addition, the angle of the acceleration table is adjustable! This makes it the ideal feeder for a wide variety of applications. Positioning the acceleration table downward is a great way to feed collators or inserters and it also handles rigid materials better! With the acceleration table level, the feeder delivers material flat which is ideal for ink jetting, tabbing, folding and more! This level feeding creates incredibly smooth feeder-to-machine transitions for better production!



  • Complete paper guides for straight delivery of your documents.
  • Repositionable belts – lets you put the friction where YOU want it!
  • Buckle separation™ for smoother separation without the jams
  • Multiple, independently adjustable separators for greater versatility.
  • Quick, easy belt changes reduce downtime and save you money.
  • Acceleration table creates gaps between documents for accurate photo eye detection AND delivers documents smoother and faster!

Great for feeding:

  • Collators
  • Shrink wrap equipment
  • Plow folders
  • Ink jet equipment
  • Tabbing machines
  • Bindery equipment

Manufacturer: Straight Shooter
Model: D-12
Serial Number: 7020
Country of Origin: USA
Speeds: Variable up to 40,000 postcards per hour
Photoeyes: Start & Stop (included)
Miss Output Type: 24VDC output upon misfeed or feeder running out of materal
Piece sizes: Width 3.125" min. up to 11.75" max.
Length 2" minimum up to 17" max
Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8" thick
Power: 115V, 5A, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 15" wide x 25" long x 19" high
Weight: 45 lbs

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