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BBI BB80-3-180750B 36V 18 Cell Forklift Battery Charger 208/240/480V 3PH - Inventory #3655



BBI BB80-3-180750B 36V 18 Cell Forklift Battery Charger

This BBI BB80-3-180750B 36V Battery Charger is used and in good working condition. This charger can be configured to use 208, 240 or 480VAC 3 phase power. It is currently configured for 240V. Instructions for configuring the input voltage are located inside the charger. Charger has a 10 foot output cable with an APP SB350 Connector. Please see pictures and the full description below for more specifications. This charger is located in Topeka, KS and will ship via Freight truck from that location. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  • Automatic five-second delayed start upon connection of a proper sized, good battery.
  • Battery voltage sensing determines if there is a proper sized battery connected to the charger.
  • Battery voltage and current are continuously monitored.
  • Automatic dv/dt-di/dt charge termination.
  • Negative battery slope termination to prevent overcharge/thermal runaway.
  • Automatic 12-hour "REFRESH" charge adds a top off charge to a fully charged battery.
  • Backup Timers prevent extended charging of a damaged battery.
  • Automatic Shutdown Lockout will not allow a charge to start after a manual or problem shutdown
  • Automatic shutdown occurs for any of five failure conditions:
    • Fault code "LoU"- Low volts per cell- the battery voltage is less than 1.7 vpc.
    • Fault code "Hi U''- High volts per cell- greater than 2.8 or 2.88 vpc. (set with 80% point)
    • Fault code "diSC"- Battery disconnected from charger during charge.
    • Fault code "dur" - Charge time exceeded - backup timer expired.
    • Fault code "Lo I" - Low charging current - charging current less than approximately 3 amps
  • Manual STOP switch - Will stop the charger from charging.
  • 1/2 to 4-1/2 hour programmable delayed start thumbwheel switch.
  • Optional Selectable Automatic Equalization cycle every 5th, 10th or 15th cycle
  • Equalize switch
  • LED Indicators:
    • "CHARGING"- charger is charging the battery.
    • "80%" -the battery voltage is greater than 2.37 V/Cell.
    • "CHARGE COMPLETE" - the charge cycle has been terminated normally.
    • "SHUTDOWN" -the unit has shut down for a fault.
  • AMMETER/TIMER Readout will display the following information:
    • Charging current
    • Fault codes
    • Delay start time
    • Equalize mode

Manufacturer: Applied Energy Solutions / BBI Battery
Model: BB80-3-180750B
Serial Number: 14M90175
Specs: 18Q0750U3B1ZEUJ
Battery Type: LA
Cells: 18
AC Volts In: 208/240/480 (Note: Currently configured for 240V)
AC Amps In: 18/15/8
Phase: 3
Hz: 60
DC Volts OUT: 36
DC Amps OUT Max: 120
Cont AMPS - CSA: 121
AH: 750 / 8 HRS
Battery Cable Length: 10'
Battery Connector: Anderson Power Products SB 350A 600V
Charger Dimensions (LxWxH): 21-3/8"x21-1/4"x26"
Shipping Dimensions: 30x30x32"T
Shipping Weight: 263 lbs.

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